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SESSIONS- in person or remotely

GROUP SESSIONS- in person or remotely

15 min Discovery Session Free
30 min $80.00
1 hour sessions $150.00
1 1/2 hour sessions $190.00
2 hour session $240.00
Under 18 $85.00/hr session will be prorated based on time

Some services are offered in a group setting, customized sessions, meditations, workshops can be set up. Inquire if interested.


Call or email for more details or information.

**Regular gift certificates available for any amount requested. 


A discovery session with Tracy is an opportunity for you to ask Tracy questions about her sessions and what you are desiring to getting out of session. Tracy will ask you a few questions to assist you in the process. 

This session is NOT a clearing, balancing or mini session. It is an opportunity for to talk to her to see if a session with her or a class will be a fit for you.

There is no fee for this 15 min. 

It has been designed so you know what she can offer you or even if she is that fit for you.


Would you like to create a dynamic change in your body?

Are you experiencing pain, constrictions or discomfort in your body?

Did you know your body is capable of something different?

Would your body love to be nurtured and cared for?

Would you like to find the magic your body truly is?

Utilizing many techniques including ESSE.

What is an ESSE (Energetic Synthesis Of Structural Embodiment)? It is about changing the structure of embodiment. It is hands on manipulation of the body's fascia or connective tissue to create greater ease and lightness of embodiment. Creating a greater connection between your body and being.

Tracy includes this technique with verbal processing to clear the energy and release emotional blockages along with the physical. Along with many energy systems and body processes that she has been trained in.

In a nutshell in a session- Tracy communicates with your body to facilitate what is required for change with numerous techniques. Resetting your body back to the magic it truly was designed to be...which is amazing and capable to be free of pain and stress!!!!


Tracy uses many techniques that utilize her training in clearing out the old patterns and assisting you in BEING YOU, finding the magic of YOU!!!

When this session is done Tracy incorporates many Intuitive Techniques. Your energy reveals truths of what you need to know, where you are blocked or in need of healing- belief systems, patterns. past & future lives, clearing and balancing techniques needed.

These sessions may consist of a variety of information from your energy.

Tracy will ask you what you would like to receive from your session. Your session can include answering your questions of information you would like to know, clearing blockages that have you or your energy stuck, verbal processing, coaching, past life information, and energy run on the body for pain, balancing and more.

These sessions can change your body, energy, how you perceive the world, your life. How much change are you looking for in your world.


*(time depends on individual needs) $175.00, mileage out of town extra. Larger business may incur an extra charge.*
Tracy will clear your space using many different techniques. She will clear any entities , negative energy, geopathic stress lines, energies of previous owners, to sell your home, assist in increasing your business, for a sense of peace. This can be done in person or from a distance. 


*This can be done as a reading with questions in any area of your life or as a Past Life Reading
Bring your questions and Tracy will do a reading of the energy of your questions, from tapping into your energy, the field of energy where information is waiting to be accessed, your guides and her guides by using her psychic capacities and ability to communicate with energies around her.

12 CHAKRA CLEAN UP & BALANCING 30 min tune up or 1 HR complete

Tracy will take a journey through your 12 Chakras, using Archangel & crystal energy, music affirmations specific for each chakra.  

As we go through life our Chakras pick up energies from our thoughts, feelings, environment, people. This session cleans them up and balances them, so you feel rejuvenated, have more joy and ease in your body and life.  


*Please discuss this option with Tracy and a customized program will be set up!!! This may have the option of package pricing.*

Would you be willing to have a different reality with your body? I am offering Body Processing Sessions. This session includes coaching, energy work and the process your body requires for changes. From body image, pain, slowing the aging process, to conditions in the body. I will connect energetically to your body to see what it requires.

What would you like to create with your business? Book a business coaching session to discover a different way of doing business. Find out what your business requires and what you can do to make it thrive!

Do you have Anxiety, High & lows, life seems to be hard and a struggle? Would you like to change this? I will assist you in discovering what is sticking you. Releasing the old patterns, beliefs, judgements, energies so that life can be embraced from joy.


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 Cory Michelle's- 
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