What You've Been Searching For

Are you aware that there could be something more for you?

That life could be more, filled with ease and joy?

Or that there are other possibilities for your body or business? 
Tracy is Life Alchemist- Transforming or creating something through a seemly magical process. Tracy and you will work together to transform and create your life, business, body, Energetic/Mental/Emotional being into a life greater then you can imagine!!!
Tracy's brilliance at helping people to discover their own gifts and talents that have been just lying there waiting for them to claim. Assisting bodies to know it can show up pain free, that it has it's own unique healing capacities, show up in whole different ways. 

Empowering people to create beyond what they ever thought possible is one of her biggest thrills in life and that’s why she is such an amazing coach. Tracy is someone who you know has your back and creates a space of non-judgement.

​Tracy is a visionary that transforms and sparks the energy within those around her. She does this by utilizing the many techniques she has been trained in from around the world and developed. Willing to tap into your energy, the techniques and the energies around us. She communicates with your body, energy and soul.

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The Process

Tracy will assist you releasing old programming, beliefs, judgements  so you can find choices, possibilities and joy  in your body, in your spirit, and in life. 

Tracy is an International Coach & Facilitator. She offers variety of sessions in person or livestream on the computer or phone. She has studied all around the world to bring you the best assistance she can with the journey and change in your life that are possible.

Tracy has a wide variety of therapies offered. Each Session is tailored to you and your own unique needs. They include Customized Intuitive Healing, Coaching, Access Bars, Past life Readings, Body Magic, Entity, House/Business and Property Clearing, and Distance Healing.

If you are interested in a session with Tracy, she has a wide variety of therapies offered. Each Session is tailored to you and your own unique needs.  

Tracy has also been hired by other businesses for her brilliance with Coaching. She is currently on staff working with an International business as Crazy Possible Coach.

Enjoy browsing through the sessions offered in detail and upcoming workshops and classes. 

**If you would like to be updated monthly on specials and updates please go to the contact us section and send me an email.

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